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Welcome to the Sleepless Knights

If you consider joining us (please do), this is what you should expect in our guild:

Contrary to what most other guilds would do, we will not be trying to win you over on the sole fact that we are a friendly guild (even though we are), or that we have 6 whole guild tabs (even though we do). We definitely wouldn't be trying to get you to join by telling you that all of our guild members are committed to helping each other (even though they are).  However, if it helps, why not?
  • Firstly, as I mentioned above, we are dedicated to helping you, if you need help questing, running dungeons, level etc., just let us know and we would be glad to assist you
  • We occasionally raid, but if you feel like doing something (raids, heroics, dungeons), just let us know , as we are always glad to run something
  • We do not tolerate drama from anyone, as we wish to keep a positive environment for you and every one of our members, if we aren't operating well enough to your standards, just let us know
  • Most important of all is the fact that everything we do is based upon having one thing.  It is amazing how many people forget the basis upon which Azeroth was created by the lovely Blizzard people, and we would like you to know that we still have not - HAVE FUN (if you aren't having fun in our guild, just let us know, and we'll be sure to kick you out as soon as possible )
If you haven't done so already, make an account (here) and sign up for our guild website (top of page).  After you have done that, add your characters on the roster page (clipboard up top) so that we know who you are.  Ventrilo info and instructions can be found below (if you are a member).  To be a member of our guild, you must follow the code of conduct (CoC) listed below at all times.  Please read it so that you know what is accepted and not allowed in the guild.  If you have any questions or comments on the website, feel free to talk to any of the officers (to the left), or ask in vent.  Hope you like it.  Thanks!

Talonfang (Karl)
Other Guild News

Updated subscription

talonfang, Nov 30, 09 11:27 PM.
Yay! We finally paid for the new half-year.  Hopefully the site is nice and pretty.  YOU'RE WELCOME!!! :)

Added a ventrilo status page (only if you are a member can you see it)

talonfang, Aug 3, 09 5:33 AM.
The page (located on the top right) shows who is logged into vent, and if the server is available or not.
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